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Trio Ventures in Floor Coatings for Brewery

Tribus Beer Company, based in Milford, Connecticut, started with three beer-loving friends in 2017. The company, which currently boasts a pilsner, porter, and several IPAs (India Pale Ales) at their tap room, is named Milton’s first and only tap house. Getting to the grand opening was a grassroots effort.

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A Fresh Floor for a Historic Concert Venue

Now known as The Observatory North Park, this venerable University Avenue venue has found new life as a multi-purpose hot spot, boasting a redesigned open-floor space that can accommodate standing crowds of up to 1,110 people.

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All Around Seamless Coating System

For Accurate Technologies Inc., which makes devices for Ford Motor Company and Shaurya Racing, a new facility at their worldwide headquarters outside Detroit, Michigan, meant an opportunity for a new look. The powers that be wanted a system for the floors, walls, and ceilings that would not only be functional but also attractive.

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Notre Dame Stadium Goes for Gold in Latest Revamp

The famed tunnel sign at Notre Dame Stadium, built in 1929 and home to the 11-time national championship football program at the University of Notre Dame, reads “Play Like a Champion Today.” For the nearly 80,000 fans and prospective recruits that visit on Saturdays in the fall to cheer on the Fighting Irish, they’d like the legendary stadium to look worthy of a champion, too!

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Apartment Floors Upgraded With Anti-Slip Coatings

Originally, the owners wanted most of the concrete floors to be polished. But the 1,900-square-foot (176.5 m²) Founders Club area was right near the entrance to the pool, which meant that water might be tracked in by residents.

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Highly Specified Floor for School Kids

The client, which has four different locations, wanted to complete the reworking on one of the building’s floors during winter break. There were no staff or children to work around, but the crew only had one week to complete the job. That meant no time for mockups, mistakes, or slow-cure coatings.