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Big Floor Fix for Big Ten Teams

The 5,000-square-foot kitchen area floor at the University of Minnesota’s new Athletes Village required a bit of finessing from EDC Install Solutions Inc.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Russian Crew Paints ‘Sweet’ Mural for Gas Storage Tank

O3-Engineering is a Moscow-based coatings company with extensive experience working with assets in demanding environments. As a result, they were a natural choice to provide anticorrosion coatings and passive fire protection solutions for Yamal LNG.

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Durable Floor Hand-Crafted for Dauntless Distillery

Craft brewers and distillers know a lot about beer and spirits. And they know a lot more than they probably ever wanted to know about floors. The first time a keg is dropped on an uncoated concrete floor, a brewery owner sees the importance of having a high-quality floor system.

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Trio Ventures in Floor Coatings for Brewery

Tribus Beer Company, based in Milford, Connecticut, started with three beer-loving friends in 2017. The company, which currently boasts a pilsner, porter, and several IPAs (India Pale Ales) at their tap room, is named Milton’s first and only tap house. Getting to the grand opening was a grassroots effort.

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A Fresh Floor for a Historic Concert Venue

Now known as The Observatory North Park, this venerable University Avenue venue has found new life as a multi-purpose hot spot, boasting a redesigned open-floor space that can accommodate standing crowds of up to 1,110 people.

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All Around Seamless Coating System

For Accurate Technologies Inc., which makes devices for Ford Motor Company and Shaurya Racing, a new facility at their worldwide headquarters outside Detroit, Michigan, meant an opportunity for a new look. The powers that be wanted a system for the floors, walls, and ceilings that would not only be functional but also attractive.