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Graco Introduces GrindLazer Drum Scarifiers

Fluid handling equipment manufacturer Graco Inc. recently introduced three new high-production GrindLazer drum scarifiers: the DC1520 E, DC1525 P, and DC1538 G.

Designed as “do-it-all” heavy-duty solutions for leveling, grooving, inlay, scarifying, and stripping coatings, the self-propelled drum scarifiers are capable of removing a path up to 16 inches wide and can be paired with a variety of polycrystalline diamond (PCD), diamond, and carbide cutters for most applications.

New Depth Control System

They also feature Graco’s new depth control system (DCS), which allows contractors to precisely control cut depth without stopping production. This helps contractors achieve a consistent cut depth, which is ideal for applications where precise removal is important, such as inlay, leveling, or grooving.

The electronic DCS system on these scarifiers raises and lowers the cutter with the push of a button. Using the digital display on the unit, contractors set the “zero point” where the cutter assembly meets the surface. They can then set and adjust the “active cut depth” in 0.01-inch (0.25 mm) increments while operating the unit.

Tackling Tough Removal Jobs

“The new DC15 DCS GrindLazer scarifiers give contractors the performance and accuracy they need to tackle tough removal jobs with ease,” said Ben Tollefson, global product marketing manager for pavement equipment.

With electric, gasoline, and propane-powered options and a design compatible with Graco’s LazerVac dust collection systems, the drum scarifiers can be used for a wide variety of removal applications.

For more information, contact: Graco, (800) 275-5574,