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Carboline Releases New Siloxane Hybrid Coating

Paints and coatings manufacturer Carboline recently announced the launch of Carboxane 2100 BR as a fungal-resistant, epoxy-modified, siloxane hybrid coating developed to inhibit fungal growth and provide great protection for coated assets.

Black fungal growth, or baudoinia, is often found in the presence of ethanol and alcohol vapors. The spores are difficult to eliminate and tend to grow back repeatedly, even after costly attempts at cleaning and removal.

Potential Coating Uses

“Carboxane 2100 BR exhibits pronounced growth inhibition against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi,” said Dwayne Meyer, executive vice president of commercial and technical resources. “These attributes make it an ideal system for ethanol storage tanks and other structures subjected to ethanol vapors in the oil and gas industry. It is also a great choice for wineries, distilleries, breweries, and other alcohol production facilities.”

According to the company, Carboxane 2100 BR offers an excellent finish for both maintenance and new construction projects thanks to its great weatherability, durability, and corrosion protection when used over a suitable primer. In many maintenance coating scenarios, it is possible to apply the new product over properly prepared existing coatings instead of removing them first.

Saves Time and Money

“Carboxane 2100 BR helps save asset owners significant time and money on repeated attempts to remove unsightly fungal growth,” said Melissa Molitor, vice president of marketing. “It also offers additional savings opportunities throughout its service life thanks to its long-term color and gloss retention in UV exposure.”

Carboxane 2100 BR is a low-VOC coating (less than 100 g/l) and is formulated without the use of isocyanates, which makes it a safer-to-use and environmentally friendly solution for keeping assets looking clean, according to the manufacturer.

For more information, contact: Carboline, (314) 644-1000,