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Big Value, Bigger Utility: Leitner Reveals ACS Forged for Ford Maverick

Leitner Designs reveals the new Active Cargo System (ACS) for Ford Maverick. Adding ACS Forged, the toughest modular rack system on the market, to the affordable, compact, and high-utility Ford Maverick, Leitner Designs creates the ideal work truck for small business.

“Combining the affordable, compact, and incredibly popular Maverick with our modular Active Cargo System is a perfect pairing for workers who rely on their trucks,” said Keith Munemitsu, Leitner Designs’ VP of Marketing. “Like the Maverick, the ACS Forged is designed to optimize a truck’s carrying capability. Smart features, like patented and lockable eye-level storage and sliding top load bar, enable small business owners to organize everything they need in a compact and efficient work truck.”

Although Leitner did not invent the bed rack, the brand perfected the form with the ACS Forged bed rack. Among Leitner’s nine patents, two innovations helped perfect the Active Cargo System: The sliding rear load bar, which allows owners to fit taller items in their truck without removing the rack, and side-mounted GearPods that offer indispensable eye-level, locking storage. Customers are able to install additional utility and storage features on the ACS Forged throughout ownership thanks to Leitner Designs’ ever-growing line of accessories.

“As a truck owner and entrepreneur, I designed the Active Cargo System to be modular and fit with a variety of load-carrying possibilities. It’s intentionally overbuilt, feature rich, and looks good while doing it all,” said Leitner Designs Founder and CEO Bernhard Leitner. “Our latest ACS Forged rack was designed right here in California and is made with pride from our facilities here in Southern California.”

ACS Forged Feature Highlights:
  • Patented sliding load bar

Allows owners to load large items in the truck bed with a twist of a knob, such asplywood or HVAC systems, without removing the rack.

  • Available integrated GearPODs

Provide locking, waterproof and dust-resistant storage within easy reach. The GearPODs follow vehicle bodylines, reducing wind noise down, and giving the system a seamless look.

  • Custom black fasteners

The grade 10.9 fasteners are especially designed and manufactured just for the ACS Forged. The Black Zi-Ni coating is the toughest on the market and each bolt is precoated with Loctite to prevent loosening under extreme vibration. ACS Forged Technical Specifications:

  • Relatively lightweight at 85 pounds
  • 400-pound off-road dynamic weight capacity
  • 800-pound on-road dynamic weight capacity
  • 1,400-pound parked static weight capacity
  • 23 inches tall when measured from top of bed caps
  • Forged aluminum construction
  • Heavy-duty 2.0-inch square load bars
  • Rubber wind diffuser/load pad keeps cargo from shifting
  • Quad-rail load beam design for endless mounting options
  • Fits many Thule, Rhino-Rack and Yakima accessories
  • Dual-stage powder coated steel brackets
  • Fully upgradable with an ever-growing line of accessories
  • Compatible with DECKED storage system
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

The Leitner Designs ACS Forged rack for Ford Maverick is available now and priced at $1,950, including a two-year limited warranty. Buyers can find more information online at