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Tnemec Introduces Series 21 Epoxoline

Tnemec Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings, is proud to announce the next step in the evolution of high-solids epoxy linings, Series 21 Epoxoline. This phenalkamine epoxy provides potable water industry professionals with another high-performance option in Tnemec’s product portfolio.

Series 21 Epoxoline is designed for use on potable water tanks, water pipes, pumps, valves, and fittings, providing exceptional protection to both concrete and steel substrates. This two-component, phenalkamine epoxy is also specially formulated to meet the more stringent NSF 600 extraction requirements coming to the industry in January 2023. For water tank applications, Series 21 also conforms to the requirements of AWWA D102-21 Inside Coating Systems No. 1, 2, 5, and 6. 

“The new NSF 600 requirements greatly reduce the maximum allowable limits of certain solvents often used in epoxies,” said Mark Thomas, vice president-marketing at Tnemec. “We formulated this product with a special solvent blend that offers easy application, good cure response, and meets the new NSF 600 requirements. Series 21 will offer our customers a product they can rely on into the future.”

Like most of Tnemec’s other proven potable water epoxies, Series 21 offers excellent application characteristics along with the same high-performance and long service life customers expect. It provides high-build properties (up to 20 mils DFT), a high-solids formulation (at 82%), and long-lasting protection of all concrete and steel potable water assets.

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