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Ergodyne Expands Skullerz® Line with Safety Helmets, Lightweight Glasses and More

Ergodyne announced a major launch under its Skullerz® brand with the addition of safety helmets and safety helmet accessories, two models of lightweight safety glasses and a bump-cap compatible baseball cap.

“We’re thrilled to expand our line of safety eyewear and bump caps while, at the same time, introducing a safety helmet option to our head protection offering,” said Chris Cota, Senior Product Manager for Ergodyne. “Safety helmets have always been optimal for arborists and tower climbers but, with increased side impact protection, improved visibility and the added security of a built-in helmet strap, we think the rest of the industry will start seriously looking at these as an alternative to the traditional hard hat.”

The Skullerz® Safety Helmets (8974, 8974LED, 8975, 8975LED) build on the success of Ergodyne’s hard hat line, and come available in all the same variations: class C (vented) or class E (non-vented), with or without an LED headlight, white or orange. Unique to this line, however, is the option to accessorize with the new Skullerz® 8991 Safety Helmet Visor for increased eye protection (visor sold separately).

Also in this launch are two lightweight safety glasses, Vali and Saga. Both models feature a rimless design for maximizing field of vision, plus Skullerz® standards like impact resistance, scratch resistance, UV protection and the option to add permanent anti-fog treatment.

The final add to the Skullerz® line is the 8946 Standard Baseball Cap with Bump Cap Insert. Designed with custom logo and embroidery in mind, the cap seamlessly integrates with the best-selling 8945 Bump Cap Insert for protection against bumps, scrapes, bruises and other minor head injuries.

“Each of these solutions is directly informed by feedback from workers and safety pros,” said Tom Votel, President & CEO of Ergodyne. “Putting out the safest and most compliant products is always our number one priority, and a large part of that is turning ‘need to wear’ into ‘want to wear’ by listening to and deeply understanding folks out in the field.”

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