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A Brand New Harness Designed Exclusively for Women

FallTech introduces the FT-One Fit  premium full-body harness for women who require fall protection when working at height.

FallTech observed and listened to working women talk about their challenges and discomfort after a hard day of work wearing currently available full-body harnesses.

The FT-One Fit  enables women to now achieve a customized fit. Gone are the days when they are forced to compromise and wear harnesses that are uncomfortable, the wrong size and not adjustable for their unique needs.

Adjustable Sub-Pelvic Strap

As a result of this feedback, the innovative adjustable sub-pelvic strap of the FT-One Fit was designed. It ensures a proper fit across a women’s hips which provides a significant advancement in harness comfort.

Exclusive Comfort Legs

FallTech’s innovative Comfort Leg straps reduce binding, chafing and significantly improves women’s mobility when working. The adjustable Comfort Leg Straps wrap comfortably around the thighs and away from sensitive pressure points.

Slip-Resistant ArrowGrip D-ring Plate

Why permit D-ring slippage to compromise your safety or comfort? The ArrowGrip D-ring plate maintains your dorsal D-ring position correctly and keeps adjustments to a minimum throughout the day.

Abrasion Resistant Shoulder Panels

Custom-designed gel inserts and padding assure comfort, while abrasion-resistant shoulder panels provide a new level of durability.

Now women can have personalized fit and comfort, all in one durable and lightweight premium harness. FT-One Fit Harnesses include:

  • New Adjustable Sub Pelvic Strap
  • Exclusive Comfort Legs
  • Abrasion Resistant Shoulder Pads
  • Updated SRL Attachment Point
  • Slip-Resistant ArrowGrip D-Ring Plate
  • Comfort Gel Padding
  • Neoprene Neck Guard
  • Multiple Tool Tether Anchors Points
  • Free-Flowing Ventilation
  • Upgraded Lanyard Keepers
  • Suspension Trauma Relief Packs

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