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Six Ways to Make Your Company More Sustainable

If you’re a founder or company owner, your goals should extend past the amount of sales you make today and the reputation your company has next month.

To take your small or large business into the future, so that it can continue to create a legacy after you’ve retired, sustainability must be at the top of your agenda. Here are six ways you can help your coatings contract company to be more sustainable and perform at its peak, both today and for years to come.

1. Understand Your Differentiating Factor

If someone asked you why your company is different from others in your industry, what would you say? If you don’t have an answer that clearly demonstrates (and hopefully convinces) how your company is different, you should gather your team and have a conversation.

Your differentiating factor can mean everything to closing deals and remaining competitive for years to come.

2. Invest in the Right People

Your employees are the foundation of your organization. When you make the right hiring (and firing) decisions, you allow your company to grow at a healthy and steady pace.

The people who keep the engine running are essential to maintain stability in an ever-changing business environment. Onboard the right people, and give them what they need to be happy and productive.

3. Take Control of Your Finances

You should understand your money. No matter how big or small your company is, your finger should always be on the pulse of your finances. Set up your financial team for success or outsource your financial needs if it’s not working in-house. It’s a modern world, with diverse options, so don’t feel like you have to be stuck in the traditional way of managing your money.

4. Increase Your Online Presence

There’s hardly an industry that doesn’t benefit from a solid online presence, and that includes coatings contracting.

To be more sustainable, your company needs to keep up with the trends and continue to update its marketing materials and online representation to ensure that it can withstand the high demand from consumers. Your potential customers want to see a reliable website with social media updates, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

5. Pay Attention to Your Customers

In order for your company to continue providing value, year after year, without any hiccups, your offerings must be consumer-focused. What your customers need today is different from what they wanted last year (or maybe last month), and it’s essential that your company has a plan to gather feedback, understand your customers, and create a strategy of achieving ultimate client happiness.

6. Plan for the Future

The idea of sustainability is to be able to uphold or maintain a certain level of business for an extended period of time. If your strategies and approaches are always based in the present, you will always be trying to keep up or stay current, instead of being able to look to the future and plan for what’s ahead. Your company will have a long road in front of it, if you can figure out how to be one step ahead of what’s coming your way.

Sustainability Now

Sustainability is a goal of boardrooms and executive conversations around the world, but the problem is that these important conversations aren’t happening enough. Strategic sustainability is the only way to protect your employees and give your company what it needs to compete for years down the road.

About the Author:

Matt Myers is a partner at Myers CPA, which acts as a fractional CFO/outsourced accounting firm. The firm works to help clients grow their businesses through strategic management and oversight of all financial aspects. By taking a hands-on and proactive approach to analyzing high-level financial functions, Myers CPA aims to add clarity, find efficiencies, and improve the profitability and health of clients’ companies. 

For more information, contact: Myers CPA,

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