CoatingsPro's Quick Tips Videos

3 Tips for Social Media

Janna Schulze, social media specialist for NACE International, shares tips on how you should be using and incorporating video in your social media marketing.

How Often Should You Be Interviewing for New Employees?

This podcast episode excerpt is from Mel Kleiman, founder and president of Humetrics. He offers his unique and experienced perspective on how to hire and retain good employees. Get more information from the full podcast episode here

Instagram Is Your New Homepage

Elisabeth South of SouthHaus Group shares information on why Instagram is so important for coatings contractors.

CoatingsPro Quick Tip: Effective Lead Generation

Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, gives three tips on how to be more effective with lead generation.

Jobsite Visits From OSHA

Trent Cotney of Cotney Construction Law gives some tips on how to handle jobsite visits from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Construction Photos for Social Media

Elisabeth South of SouthHaus Group explains how to edit, size, caption, and tag your construction photos for social media.

Communication Strategy

Anna Anderson of Art Unlimited offers three tips for contractors regarding communication strategy.

Growing Your Business

Tatsuya (Tats) Nakagawa of Castagra Products gives three tips on how to grow your business without spending more on marketing.

Using Twitter

Elisabeth Haus of SouthHaus Group gives tips on how contractors should use Twitter.

Reviewing Contracts

Trent Cotney of Cotney Construction’s tip to check out your contracts at minimum on an annual basis.

Coordinating Trades

Ryan Dalgleish of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) gives a few suggestions on coordinating trades.

Doing Business on LinkedIn

Elisabeth Haus of SouthHaus Group shares a quick tip on how you should consider doing business on LinkedIn as a coatings contractor.

Social Media Watch

Trent Cotney of Cotney Construction Law gives a quick tip on what to watch out for on your company’s and employees’ social media pages.

Outside Coatings

Janet South of DECO Coatings, Inc. offers a short tip on what types of coatings to use in areas that will be exposed to the elements.

Notice for Lien Rights

Ariela Wagner of SunRay Construction Solutions gives a quick tip on sending a notice for lien rights to the owner in Florida.