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The BEST of CoatingsPro in 2020: Articles, Podcasts, and More!

We rounded up CoatingsPro's top 10 lists for 2020 from around the world (wide web, that is). These are reader favorites in the digital issue, online-only, and podcasts. In case 2020 has proven to be a bit too overwhelming to stay caught up on what’s been popular, these roundups should give you an idea of what your peers have been reading this year. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

The top 10 most-read articles from CoatingsPro’s 2020 digital issues:

10. “Head to Toe: Safety Strategies for Coatings Contractors” (May 2020)

9. “Never Again: Blistering Coating on Tilt-Up Concrete” (January 2020)

8. “Bridging the Gap: Waterproofing the New Mario M. Cuomo Bridge” (May 2020)

7. “New Roof Coating Trends and Technologies in the COVID-19 Age” (Roof Supplement 2020)

6. “Bow Wow: Family Crew Converts Hawaiian Floor for Dog Kennel” (January 2020)

5. “Crew Coats Massive Steel Tank on a Short Timeline” (May 2020)

4. “How to Avoid Project Callbacks” (May 2020)

3. “Epoxy Floor Showcases 12 Colors in Aquarium Adventure” (January 2020)

2. “Stadium Coatings Team Wins Big for Tampa Bay Bucs” (July 2020)

1. “Coatings in the City” (Roof Supplement 2020)

The top 10 most-read web-only articles from 2020 on www.coatingspromag.com:

10. “Restoring Seattle’s Historic Aurora Bridge” (May 2020)

9. “Inside and Out: Protecting New Tanks in the Middle East” (October 2020)

8. “Desert Encounters During Aeration Chamber Recoat” (May 2020)

7. “Questions You Need to Ask Every Valued Employee” (March 2020)

6. “PPE and the Effects on Productivity During COVID-19” (June 2020)

5. “The Case of the Delaminating Red Lead Primer” (February 2020)

4. “CoatingsPro Magazine Honors Winners of 2020 Contractor Awards” (June 2020)

3. “Net ‘House’ Blocks SPF Overspray on AAA Roof Restoration” (September 2020)

2. “CoatingsPro Interview Series: COVID-19 and Your Business” (April 2020)

1. “News Roundup: COVID-19 and the Coatings Industry” (April 2020)

The top 10 most-heard podcasts in 2020 from CoatingsPro:  

10. Making Coatings Tools More User Intuitive

9. On-Site Cladding Solutions for Tough Environments

8. Bullard Turns Attention to Powered Air-Purifying Respirators

7. Application Tips for Coatings Jobsites in 2020

6. COVID-19 and Coatings Applicators: The History of Two Hospital Ships

5. NRCA’s Reid Ribble on COVID-19’s Business Impact

4. How Coatings Suppliers, Water Utilities Are Navigating COVID-19

3. How Drones Are Changing Corrosion Inspections in 2020

2. Interview: Tnemec VP on COVID-19 and the Coatings Industry

1. Carboline President Chris Tiernay on Leadership During COVID-19

Here’s to a healthy start to 2021! Happy coatings!

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