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Call for Coatings at 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

Photo courtesy of AMPP.

Held by the Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) in New Orleans, La., the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo includes many potentially significant events for contractors and other professionals throughout the coatings industry.

This year, the association’s flagship annual conference takes place March 3-7, 2024, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. During the event, live coverage of many of the week’s activities will be available through AMPP’s exclusive Show Daily, which can be viewed through the conference website at

Many of these events involve educational sessions and interactive networking activities with information pertinent to coatings contractors and others throughout the industry.

“Over the first couple years of the AMPP Annual Conference, we’ve gotten some feedback from contractors about how we can bring some content tied to them,” said Gregory Muha, director of conferences, exhibits, and sponsorships at AMPP, on a recent podcast episode. “So certainly, there are some things that we’ve done and added this year.”

“We’ve got the CoatingsPro Contractor Awards [announcement and ceremony] on Monday,” Muha continued. “We’ve heard a lot about [the need for] case studies, so there’s a case history session with an owner perspective, a contractor perspective, an inspector perspective, and coatings manufacturer perspective.”

“We’ve also got some quality assurance and third-party inspection services content,” Muha concluded. “There’s a forum on that. There’s a forum on how to gain an edge with coatings contractor selection, there’s coatings failure symposia. We’ve got a case study on wax coatings and primers from Trenton.”

Daily highlights potentially relevant to coatings professionals are available below, with updated times available through the online conference schedule and the show’s mobile app.

Sunday, March 3

To kick off the week, CoatingsPro Editorial Advisory Group member, Charles Brown, and Chris Farschon of Greenman-Pederson, Inc. (GPI) will present the “Coatings 101 Workshop,” designed for individuals who want to get a basic understanding of a typical protective coatings project.

Other highlights on Sunday include a “Coating & Lining Failures” forum by Michael O'Brien of MARK 10 Resources Group, Inc., as well as a “Concrete Reinforcement: Metallic and Nonmetallic Options” forum. Stephen Sharp of the Virginia Department of Transportation is the chair of that latter session, with Neal Berke of Tourney Consulting Group is vice chair.

Sunday night, the conference’s annual Opening Reception will take place. It is sponsored by Carboline, which specializes in protective coatings, linings, and fireproofing solutions.

Monday, March 4

Monday puts the spotlight on the conference’s keynote address, delivered by Dr. Michio Kaku. Entitled “The Impact of AI on the Workforce,” the keynote is among many sessions at the event that will be focused on what artificial intelligence (AI) could mean for workforce development in the protective coatings industry and beyond.

Shortly after the keynote, the Expo Grand Opening welcomes attendees to enter the Exhibit Hall for the first time this year. In a live ceremony adjacent to the Exhibit Hall entrance, CoatingsPro Magazine will announce and honor its 2024 Contractor Awards winners at 5:10 p.m. Central. For those not at the conference, that ceremony can be livestreamed at CoatingsPro’s Facebook page.

The Exhibit Hall, which is also open during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, features exhibition booths from hundreds of industry exhibitors. Beyond booths, the Exhibit Hall includes access to several interactive areas and theaters, at which attendees can consume educational content while boosting their industry knowledge. 

Monday also features a wide range of forums and symposia relevant to coatings professionals. Highlights include “Coating Failure Investigations — Causes and Repairs,” presented by Valerie Sherbondy and Rick Huntley of KTA-Tator, Inc.; and “Case History from Four Viewpoints,” led by Heather Stiner of Sherwin-Williams.

Tuesday, March 5

Tuesday’s activities are headlined by AMPP’s annual Scholarship Awards and EMERGing Leaders Bash, which celebrates the industry’s future by honoring and recognizing the 2024 class of outstanding students and scholarship recipients.

Noteworthy forums for coatings professionals may include an AMPP-led forum on “How to Gain an Edge With Coatings Contractor Selection;” a forum titled “More Zinc Coatings for Asset Protection by Land and Sea,” presented by Bernardo Duran of the International Zinc Association and Alana Fossa of the American Galvanizers Association; and a two-part forum on “Implementing a Corrosion Control Program Utilizing Protective Coatings,” presented by D. Terry Greenfield and Ben Bussard of CONSULEX.

Meanwhile, on the Exhibit Hall floor, theater presentations feature the likes of “Proper Surface Preparation” by Melissa Gibson of LS Industries.

On Tuesday, other unique opportunities available to attendees include the AMPP Career Fair, as well as a free Headshot Station, sponsored by Tinker & Rasor.

Wednesday, March 6

Wednesday showcases AMPP’s annual service, technical, and project awards through the 2024 Honoree Night. Held at the World War II Museum, the association’s awards are presented in recognition of members who have made outstanding contributions to AMPP and the corrosion control industry. While there, guests can enjoy a relaxing evening of networking, food, and entertainment. Tickets are required and available for purchase at registration, while supplies last.

During the day, forums of significance may include the “Bridge Coatings Forum,” presented by GPI; “Advances in Insulation Coatings” from David Hunter of Hempel USA; and “Thermal and Cold Spray Processes and Applications in Corrosion Mitigation,” presented by Shiladitya Paul of TWI and Jim Weber of James K. Weber Consulting LLC.

Meanwhile, Trenton’s Frank Rampton shows his “Evaluation of 37-Year-Old Field-Applied Wax Coating and Primer on an Exposed Main” case study on Wednesday afternoon.

As the Exhibit Hall wraps up, theater talks include “New Applications of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Across the Corrosion Industry.” This presentation is led by KTA-Tator’s Lake Barrett and Robert Leggat as chair and vice chair, respectively. Meanwhile, AMPP will host a theater presentation titled “New Industrial Coating Application (ICA) Training Program,” at which information will be shared regarding the newly licensed program.

Thursday, March 7

Titled “Using Industrial Tethered Power Wash Drones for Corrosion Prevention and Extension of Coating Life for Industrial Assets,” the conference’s final day of educational content features this drone-based forum from Robert Dahlstrom of Apellix.

On the symposia side, Thursday’s sessions of interest may include:

• “Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Coatings and Concrete”

• “Modernization of Corrosion and Coating Research”

• “New Technologies in Organic Coatings Development for Reduced Environmental Impact and Enhanced Protection”

• “High-Temperature Materials and Corrosion”

To access the latest conference schedule, along with session times and specific locations for all of these events, visit the conference website, A podcast with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding the 2024 show is available below.

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