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A Turning Point in a Turnaround of a Crude Oil Desalter

The organic lining at a crude oil desalter in Kazakhstan was unable to withstand the aggressive environment. A new system — and new considerations — had to be implemented for future success.

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Tough as Steel: Korean Plant Protected by Coating System

For multinational steel manufacturer POSCO, corrosion can be an occupational hazard. Because steel mills require sufficient raw materials to produce, they are often located near marine terminals — where both raw material and finished product can be easily shipped.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Pipe Protection Crosses Canal

The Erie Canal stretches from Niagara Falls off Lake Erie about 363 miles (584.2 km) east to the Hudson River, outside Albany, New York. For a major gas and electric utility company in upstate New York, adding a new carbon steel pipe to the three existing lines required crossing the canal.