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It’s Time to Re-Think Zinc

Ceramic epoxy technology has become a staple throughout the United States for the care of water and wastewater assets. Treatment plants, distribution pipelines and storage tanks have all benefited from the unmatched performance of Induron’s thick-film ceramic epoxy products.

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On Track With Oxygen Train Recoat

Six chambers, 40,000 square feet total (3,716.1 m²), 65 days. Coating systems that were applied to all walls, columns, and ceilings within the scope of the project. Sounds like a straight forward project, right?

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Cold and Wet: Epoxy Overcomes the Odds

Cold climates are a challenge to manufacturers with specialized epoxy coatings designed for immersion service. If coatings contractors don’t have sub-freezing temperatures or high humidity to contend with, then they probably have issues of low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, regulatory compliance, and user friendliness of the coating.

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Too Fast Too Furious: Epoxy for Concrete Reservoir

Pour, crack, fill, repeat. It might sound as if this is a recipe for baked goods, but for Angelus Waterproofing & Restoration, Inc., it was the daily schedule for a year-long construction cycle. The underground Silver Lake Reservoir, built by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, covers an area the size of 6 or 7 football fields in northern Los Angeles. There are a lot of people living there so it’s a big structure, and it needed to be repaired as it was being poured.

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Second Lease on Life for Wastewater Treatment Plant

Located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, just east and across the river from uptown New Orleans, Louisiana’s Gretna Wastewater Treatment Plant has faithfully served its 18,500 residents and 900 businesses for 30 years. It has supported the city’s explosive growth and increased demands on municipal services over the last several years.

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The Chronicles of Sarnia: Wastewater and Coatings

The city of Sarnia, known for its petrochemical industry, is home to some 70,000 citizens in Ontario. With one wastewater treatment plant for this Canadian metropolis, it’s no wonder that the concrete on the secondary clarifiers at the Water Pollution Control Centre was pitted and deteriorating. The city decided to coat one of the four secondary tanks as a trial to see if the results were favorable.