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CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC Announces the Release of Corr-Ze 200 Gel From Corrosion Innovations

CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC, in partnership with Corrosion Innovations, has announced the much-anticipated release of the Corr-Ze 200 Gel surface treatment product. This revolutionary gel meets SSPC-SP 8 Pickling Standard and is applied directly to prepared, rusted metal surface areas. Once the gel has been applied and allowed to dwell on the corroded site, rinse with Corr-Ze 100 for optimal results.

This two-step process pristinely cleans the metal at a microscopic level to remove surface impurities, including water-soluble contaminants such as chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates, as well as non-water-soluble contaminants such as sulfides, flash rust, and blast media. The result is a passive surface that provides superior coating adhesion.

The non-toxic and biodegradable Corr-Ze 200 Gel improves coating performance while significantly reducing carbon footprints by eliminating the need for repeat surface preparation and same-day coating in most environments. Corr-Ze products are water-based and dry quickly without leaving any film or residue at any concentration. Unlike competing products, Corr-Ze corrosion treatments will not damage blasting equipment (valves, ceramic rods, and dynamic seals).

With more than 200 years of combined coatings and surface preparation experience, CRW Consulting & Distribution's team of NACE-certified corrosion experts are devoted to identifying and treating impurities that unnecessarily cost time, money, and precious resources. The organization is proud to provide a simple yet powerful solution to the chronic problem of premature coating failure. To purchase or learn more about the corrosion-preventing Corr-Ze surface treatment products, visit