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Tnemec Announces New Product Launch: Series 975 Aerolon

Tnemec Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of highperformance protective coatings, is proud to announce the launch of Series 975 Aerolon, a further advancement of the company’s industry-leading insulative coating technology.

Series 975 builds on the legacy of Series 971 as the newest product in the Aerolon brand by delivering multiple benefits as a fluid-applied insulation coating system. Unlike Series 971, which is based on aerogel particles, Series 975 contains an advanced porous material for exceptionally low thermal conductivity, offering significant advantages over traditional insulation. Series 975 does a superior job of providing long-term insulation and corrosion protection.

Other features and benefits of Series 975 Aerolon include high hydrophobicity, excellent heat and mechanical stability, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), low odor, and noncombustibility.

“At Tnemec, we work hard every day to ensure that our customers are utilizing the best products on the market,” said Andy Hoffman, Director of Insulation and Specialty Products at Tnemec. “Series 975 Aerolon is the ideal solution for insulating pipes, valves, tanks, structural steel, or other substates where thermal improvement or personnel protection is imperative.”

Series 975 continues the precedent set by Series 971 as the class leader in thermal conductivity and maintains the same advantages over traditional insulation – mitigating corrosion, condensation, and overall surface protection – and triumphs over the challenge of application on complex shapes.

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