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AMPP Appoints New Board Member

Houston, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), a global nonprofit representing corrosion and coatings professionals and industry, announces the appointment of Steven Meyers to the board of directors. His one-year non-voting term began on January 1, 2023.

“The mission of AMPP resonates with me on a deeply professional level,” Meyers said. “I have much experience designing, launching, and developing innovative programs within associations, so I am eager to apply those skills to activities that deliver value to our members and the industry.”

Meyers is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Endocrine Society, following executive positions with the American Chemical Society and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Meyers earned his undergraduate degrees from Duke University and his Ph.D. from Boston University.

AMPP added this position to its board of directors to broaden conversations about the corrosion and coatings industry and bring fresh viewpoints to its discussions

“I’m honored to welcome Steven to our board of directors,” said Amir Eliezer, chair of the AMPP Board of Directors. “He was selected because of his expertise and knowledge of associations. As we continue to implement our strategic plan, especially as it relates to expanding meaningful connections with our membership, we can rely on Steven’s invaluable leadership experience and perspective in this area to help guide our board.”


The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) is a global community of professionals focused on the protection of assets and the performance of industrial and natural materials. AMPP was established in 2021 following a merger between NACE International and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings. The new association unites 145 years of corrosion control and protective coatings expertise and service to industry and members worldwide. Today, AMPP is the world’s largest corrosion control and protective coatings organization serving more than 30,000 members in 130 countries. AMPP is headquartered in the United States with offices in Houston and Pittsburgh, and additional offices in Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai (training center), Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.