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Garland Announces Labor-Saving Premolded Accessories for KEE Roofing Systems

The Garland Company, a full-service roofing manufacturer and building envelope solution provider based in Cleveland, Ohio, announced the next enhancement to its KEE-Stone family of thermoplastic roofing membranes, a line of premolded accessories designed to save time working around pipes, corners, and other challenging details. The accessories come following Garland’s recent release of KEE-Lock Spatter Spray, an interply adhesive that sprays quickly and cures in as little as 5 minutes.

Said Julie Anne Geyer, R&D Manager for Garland, “Almost a decade after its launch, KEE-Stone remains a differentiated thermoplastic membrane. Its 'open-window' scrim technology ensures a more even loading of ElvaloyTM throughout the capsheet, and results in a more durable roof with greater impact and puncture resistance. We wanted to extend KEE-Stone’s performance into the details, where leaks are often likely to occur, and where contractors can spend an inordinate amount of time on the job site. To deliver greater watertight performance and save the contractor time is a win-win.”

KEE-Stone premolded accessories are available in conical boots, split pipe boots, square split boots, inside corners, outside corners, and t-joint covers. Split pipe boots are available in sizes ranging from 1” to 6”, and square split boots are available from 2”x2” up to 5”x5”. To ensure a watertight seal, Garland recommends using KEE-Lock Water Cutoff Sealant, a high-performing adhesive sealant available in environmentally and job-site friendly sausage tubes.

“The contractors we work with share our goal – to deliver a flawless project that performs for years to come,” said Geyer. “However, we know that contractors face ongoing labor shortages that can make that goal more challenging. These products may seem small, but as we often say, the devil’s in the details, and with these premolded accessories, contractors can be confident they won’t get hung up in the little things, while also delivering an outstanding KEE system that exceeds the building owner’s expectations.”

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