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Polygon Releases ExactAire Multi-Sensor, a 5-in-1 Monitoring Device

Polygon, one of the largest global Property Damage Control and Temporary Climate Solutions providers, is pleased to announce the release of the ExactAire Multi Sensor, a 5-in-1 monitoring device designed to support a variety of applications.

The versatile sensor is a powerful piece of the company’s remote monitoring and control service that enables risk mitigation in construction and existing buildings including commercial and industrial facilities, libraries, hospitals, housing, and food production plants. Core to its function is an onboard temperature and relative humidity sensor and plug-in sensing probes allowing Polygon to configure and deploy tailor-made solutions for different types of buildings and projects at scale.

“Clients in construction and property management need data at every level now, and being informed of conditions in real-time offers them a competitive edge,” said David Simkins, Director of Engineering and Technology at Polygon US. “We are pleased to be continuously working with stakeholders to specify, test, and operationally prove new sensing capabilities and support more applications. Our sensor-agnostic approach puts us at an advantage for adaptation and innovation.”

The latest sensor release expands Polygon’s capabilities to substrate moisture monitoring including drywall and concrete moisture content for general construction and wood moisture equivalent (WME) for the growing mass timber industry. It also advances their approach to essential temperature and humidity monitoring and leak detection with a leak detection rope. Lastly, a magnetic surface temperature probe supports two principal applications: one, climate and moisture control for surface preparation and coating of tanks, ships, etc., and two, equipment optimization in regard to run time for energy efficiency such as chillers in food plants.

“Our clients want to create and maintain spec conditions 100% of the time – and in the beginning, some assume it is done with climate control equipment alone,” said Frank Dobosz, US Country President of Polygon. “With the ESG relevancy and risk mitigation, managers of projects and building operators are focused more on prevention and protecting their assets. It all starts with monitoring to detect and alerting with the actionable data.”

The Multi Sensor is available now and is also compatible with the ExactAire Smart Controller which modulates climate control equipment ON and OFF based on real-time conditions.

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