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American Chemistry Council Recognizes Covestro LLC for Sustainability Leadership

Covestro, a leading manufacturer of high-quality polymer materials and their components, was recently honored with a Sustainability Leadership Award for Social Responsibility and Community Engagement from the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The award celebrates Covestro’s THINC30 program, which stands for Transforming, Harnessing, Innovating, Navigating and Collaborating for a sustainable future by 2030. This is the second time Covestro has won the award in as many years.

Launched in 2017, Covestro’s THINC30 program uses the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a framework for responsibly bringing sustainability to local communities. Originally designed as a gathering of local leaders, businesses, governments, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, THINC30 aims to encourage discussion and action using the UN SDGs as guideposts on a journey to building more sustainable communities.

To view past THINC30 programs, videos and reports, visit: THINC30 Summit | Covestro LLC | Covestro AG

Through in-person summits, think tanks and virtual workshops, THINC30 has focused on topics as broad as the circular economy and as targeted as neighborhood wellness. THINC30 provides a platform for these and other challenges to be addressed via the three pillars of sustainability outlined in the UN SDGs – environmental, economic and social equity. It provides a place for the individuals, organizations and businesses interested in solving sustainability challenges to work together towards a common cause.

“We have had more than 2,000 people engage with our THINC30 program since its inception, not to mention the more than 150 speakers we have had share their expertise over the years,” says Rebecca Lucore, head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Covestro LLC and the creator of THINC30. “Every community has a sustainability challenge that needs attention. Rather than trying to solve each challenge individually, THINC30 acts as a forum to share best practices and empower communities to turn challenges into opportunities and to decide what will work the best for their unique situation.”

Plans are underway for the next iteration of Covestro’s THINC30 program. “We’re excited to continue to address evolving issues through THINC30,” said Lucore. “The fact that the goals of the THINC30 program align so well Covestro’s own vision for circularity and our goals for climate neutrality and sustainability helps to demonstrate our commitment to communities where we live and work.”

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