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Fluoramics Introduces Premium Welded Stainless Steel 55 Gallon Drum Mixer

Fluoramics’ 55-Gallon Drum Mixer was custom designed to mix 208 L barrels (55 gal) of HinderRUST, Tufoil, paints, oils, and other liquids. It fits any drill or mixing motor with a 1.27 cm (.5 in) adjustable chuck. The mixer has four sets of welded blades that fold to fit through barrel opening. When the drill spins, the blades unfold to stir the contents at the top, middle, and bottom simultaneously with a tornadic motion Watch a video of the 55-Gallon Drum Mixer on YouTube to see a demonstration of the Drum Mixer in action. 

Industrial, commercial, and manufacturing industries will appreciate the heavy-duty construction with a stainless-steel shaft and sturdy blades that are welded in place for superior longevity. "Using a drum mixer with welded mixing blades provides quality without the fear of nuts / bolts loosening and falling into the drum. Use it with Fluoramics products, or any paints, oils, or lubricants," says Gregg Reick, Fluoramics’ President and Chief Chemical Engineer. 

Fluoramics is a leading manufacturer of thread sealants, industrial greases, industrial lubricants, and corrosion control products. Founded in 1967, the company proudly manufactures its products in the United States. If you have technical questions about Fluoramics products, you can “Ask an Engineer” by calling +1 507 205 9216 or visit the company’s website at