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Induron Introduces Novasafe Epoxy for Extreme Wastewater

Induron Protective Coatings, an industrial pioneer of high-performance protective coatings for ductile iron sewer linings, water/wastewater treatment facilities, potable water storage, and electrical transmission and distribution, is announcing the launch of its newest product, Novasafe.

According to the company, Novasafe is a furfuryl modified, thick film, ceramic-filled novolac epoxy. The product can stand up to the most extreme environments encountered in treatment plants.

Protecting Water Infrastructure

“Water and wastewater treatment plant owners, operators, and engineers are under more pressure than ever to protect our national water infrastructure,” said William Seawell, technical service manager. “In a period of increased influent volume, more chemically extreme influent, and increasing regulatory pressure, there is an increasing need for longer immersion coating service lives.”

“For years, Induron’s method of choice for protecting buried ductile iron pipe interiors, water tank interiors and water treatment plant interiors has been thick film ceramic epoxy technology,” Seawell added. “In response to industry challenges, Induron is bringing that same technology to the most extreme service environments with its introduction of Novasafe ceramic novolac.”

Unique Formulation Chemistry

Novasafe’s formulation chemistry is truly unique in the industry, and according to the manufacturer, it is able to accomplish what treatment plant operators need in extreme environments. Better yet, it does so with one less coat than traditional epoxies and with less film thickness than polyurethane or polyurea.

According to Induron, Novasafe is able to accomplish these properties with a unique resin and filler package. As a benchmark of performance, Novasafe can withstand exposure to sulfuric acid at all concentration ranges for extended periods of time. 

Many industry novolacs can withstand dilute or 98 percent sulfuric acid. However, the range of 93-97 percent has historically been problematic for un-baked novolac products. Even in the oil and gas industries, this is a significant issue, according to Induron.

“While Novasafe is not appropriate for all services — no lining material is — there is a place in every treatment plant specification or treatment plant where Novasafe can assist in providing long-term asset protection, reducing maintenance load, saving maintenance dollars, and improving the look of the facility,” said Davies Hood, company president. 

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