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AkzoNobel is Increasing Powder Coatings Capacity with New Investments

AkzoNobel is investing more than $30 million in its North America Powder Coatings manufacturing sites to expand its global footprint and market leading capabilities. The investment is expected to unlock numerous benefits, such as increased production efficiency and expanded application opportunities, providing further opportunity to significantly grow its North American output in future periods.

The company is incorporating advanced technologies, providing customers with solutions that offer improved durability, versatility and sustainability performance when compared to traditional coatings. AkzoNobel’s continued innovation in powder coatings is expected to increasingly broaden its customer base, with the company already supplying across industries including automotive, architectural, customer electronics and aerospace.

The expected investments in AkzoNobels’s North America powder coatings facilities in Reading, PA, Warsaw, IN, Nashville, TN and Monterrey, Mexico follow the company’s recent investments to further fuel the growth in North America.

“These investments position the company to gain significant traction across various industries due to powder coatings’ numerous advantages over other traditional coating products,” explains Jeff Jirak, AkzoNobel’s global Powder Coatings business director. “Powder coatings contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them environmentally sound and compliant with stringent regulations. Additionally, the application process generates minimal waste, which resonates with customers as they look to reduce material costs and boost efficiency.”

Nate Norris, AkzoNobel director of North America Integrated Supply Chain, added:

“Incorporating innovative thermoplastic materials in the powder coatings formulation opens up new possibilities for diverse applications, including complex shapes and new substrates, while also offering superior flexibility, impact resistance, and adhesion properties.

“Our advanced machinery will also improve our automation and digital monitoring capabilities, enabling real-time adjustments and precise control of the application process. Overall, the investment will result in improved coating coverage and adhesion, improving customer productivity through a reduced need defects and rework.”

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