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Creating Seamless User Experience, APOC Launches New Website

An industry leader in professional roofing products, APOC has launched its new, redesigned website, with a sharp focus on helping professionals everywhere gain greater access to the solutions they need to do their jobs effectively.

The new website has been redesigned from the ground up, offering an enhanced user experience with simplified access to the tools and resources professionals need, including comprehensive product information and documentation, education and training materials, access to APOC’s Contractor ProProgram, and more.

“We know that professionals everywhere rely on APOC products to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, and it’s our mission to make their experience better than ever,” said Sara Jonas, Vice President of Marketing, ICP Group. “The new APOC website is a reflection of that mission.”

Available on the new website are APOC’s newly rebranded Polyset® and RoofSlope® products, two crucial additions to the APOC portfolio, offering professionals the highest levels of performance required for reliable, repeatable jobs.

Polyset products are foam adhesives for steep-slope roof tile adhesion and low-slope roofing applications, available in the form of low-pressure one- and two-component SPF in pressurized disposable or refillable packaging. For steep-slope roofs, Polyset adhesives are approved for use in high-wind regions, and for low-slope applications, they are specifically designed to adhere insulation boards, cover boards and single-ply fleece-backed membranes to various substrates.

RoofSlope is an auxiliary sloping compound that provides a quick and easy way to fill in low spots on flat roofs and achieve positive slope to aid in proper drainage. The patented technology provides a durable finish with the ability to match existing roofing compositions. The RoofSlope compound is excellent for new construction as well as retrofit work, minimizing costs associated with fixing slope-to-drain issues.

APOC is a part of the ICP Group, a leading purveyor of high-performance building products for every part of residential and commercial construction and renovation. ICP is dedicated to elevating the construction industry with a complete suite of tools that help contractors complete jobs efficiently, effectively, and professionally.

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