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ZIPWALL ZipDoor Magnetic Wins 2024 Retailers’ Choice Award

ZipWall®, the leading provider of innovative dust protection solutions, proudly announces that its ZipDoor® Magnetic was chosen as a Retailers’ Choice Award winner at the 2024 National Hardware Show®. 

For the past 58 years, the Retailers' Choice Awards have showcased the best, most innovative products featured at the National Hardware Show. Presented by North American Hardware Paint Association, the awards honor manufacturers for their innovation and provide insight for retailers. The Retailers’ Choice Awards rely on the opinions of actual retailers who know what their colleagues need in a product to attract customers. 

Designed for sealing a doorway or creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier, the ZipDoor Magnetic is versatile and reusable. It is quick and easy to set up with ZipWall double-sided tape, specially designed not to damage the doorframe. Powerful magnets ensure the door maintains a tight seal while providing easy access to the work area. The magnetic door panel is made of high-tech fabric impervious to dust and features a clear plastic window.

The ZipDoor Magnetic is ideal for both residential and commercial remodeling dust protection. Sealing a doorway up to 46”x86” takes just a minute, and creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier is easy too. Simply make a doorframe with duct tape and attach the magnetic door panel using ZipWall tape to your newly created doorframe.

“The ZipWall ZipDoor Magnetic is a huge game changer for my remodeling projects," said Concord Carpenter Robert Robillard. “Its self-closing feature with magnets provides remodelers, like myself, a flexible option for a hands-free barrier that can accommodate a variety of sizes and applications. The ZipDoor Magnetic provides an ideal dust control barrier that pays dividends on your projects.”

“It is very rewarding to have the ZipDoor Magnetic be recognized among the best and most innovative products at the National Hardware Show,” said Jeff Whittemore, Founder and CEO of ZipWall LLC. “Customers rave about the convenience of our magnetic doors and with this new door, they can use it on their barriers and doorframes alike!” 

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