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Minimize Dangling Tool Entanglement with new ANSI Gear Keeper Retractable Tool Tether

No more dancing around a long, dangling tether or having your tools drag along on the floor behind you. Gear Keeper’s new ANSI-121 compliant RT3-5602 retractable tether’s ultra-low profile keeps tools close to the body while still allowing virtually instant accessibility when in use. When the tool is retracted, lanyard exposure is minimized to avoid snagging, especially when the tool is also placed in a tool bag/pouch.

Using a retractable tether for hand tools is particularly important when working in close quarters or climbing. Like other retractable devices in the Gear Keeper line, the ergonomic RT3-5602 is highly engineered so that the tool, application and recoil/retraction force are in balance for maximum safety. Designed to enhance productivity, the retractor employs a very low 7 oz force to avoid arm strain. Only minimal force is necessary to extend the RT3-5602 tether for use, but still strong enough to keep the line taught to avoid snagging or interference with the work being performed.

The new retractor makes work safer and more efficient and simplifies every repair, maintenance or manufacturing project in a number of ways. The RT3-5602 tool tether has a generous reach that extends to an ample 5-ft. extension. Fast and efficient tool change-out is accomplished by the tethers patented side release system. The side release also allows one RT3-5602 retractor to handle many different tools simply by adding more inexpensive side release shock absorbing lanyards to other tools weighing up to 2 lbs. If the project permits, you may be able to put all the hand tools you need for the job in your tool belt… and leave the tool bag behind.

RT3-5602 Retractable 2-pound tool tether has a SS Locking Carabiner for attachment to the tool belt or fall prevention harness and includes one S/R Shock Absorbing Lanyard Loop Strap retails for $35 per unit. An RT3-5602 10-pack lowers the price to $33 per unit. Additional S/R shock absorbing lanyards (model# ACO-0205) cost $14 for a 3-pack and $45 for a 10-pack. To order or for more information call 888.588.9981. The full line of Gear Keeper instrument tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website at A free, sixteen-page “Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool Tethering” containing a useful tethering guide for tools with and without attachment points and related product information is available by calling Hammerhead Industries’ Customer Service at 888.588.9981.