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New Guardian Retractable Horizontal Lifeline

Pure Safety Group, the world’s only company dedicated exclusively to fall protection for workers at height, introduces the Guardian Retractable HLL (horizontal lifeline).  Available July 8 in North America, the HLL is for use in either fall arrest or fall restraint applications. 

During a fall, the Retractable HLL will deploy an extending metal energy absorber designed to reduce peak loads to anchorage structures. 

The new Retractable HLL can also be used as part of a fall restraint system, which prevents the worker from reaching the leading edge of a fall hazard.

The main component of the HLL is a 60-foot galvanized cable horizontal lifeline, which is extremely durable yet portable, and designed for temporary use. When it has been involved in a fall, its energy absorber clearly indicates that to the user. 
Other product features include a single direction, tensioner handle that prevents accidental releases and folds down to lay flat along the unit, secured by a magnet to prevent work interference, and handy carry handle.

The HLL’s hex shaft can connect to a drill to speed retrieval of the lifeline, and its extremely low deflections create low fall clearance for users. The stainless steel housing and handles are corrosion resistant, which extends the life of the product. 
Quick and easy to install, the HLL can accommodate two workers at the same time, at a weight of 130 – 310 lbs. per worker.  

The Guardian Retractable HLL meets OSHA standards 1910 and 1926 Subpart M and is made for use in any industry where workers are at height. 

To add the Guardian Retractable HLL to your fall protection program, visit the Guardian Fall Protection website or call 1-800-466-6385.