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OptimAir TL Hood White Version Shortage

MSA was recently informed by their supplier of OptimAir TL PAPR Hoods that white Tyvek materials from DuPontâ„¢, such as Tychem® QC used on most of our PAPR Hoods, will not be available until sometime early 2021.  MSA does have some inbound stock of white hoods to support short-term needs.

Since there are no alternative white materials available in the market at this time, MSA anticipates shortages of white PAPR Hoods in the coming months.  Given the current high levels of demand for APR and PAPR during this unprecedented time, we are committed to servicing our customers to the best of our ability.  MSA has made provisions and has given permission to our PAPR Hoods supplier to substitute yellow Tychem material as needed in order to meet demand.  The performance characteristics of the yellow material is identical to that of the current white material.

MSA understands that certain industries may have specific standard operating procedures relating to color requirements of PPE, but keeping workers safe is paramount and we are committed to providing the  protection.  Therefore, please be advised that MSA may be fulfilling orders with yellow material in the coming months to support customer needs.  We will not mix box quantities, but cannot guarantee the same for individual orders.  Please note a "yellow" marking will be attached on the outside of cartons for easy identification.

Here are the impacted part numbers:
Single Bib:  10083329, 10095739, 10083383, 10095740, 10083381, 10095741, 10083385, and 10095742
Double Bib:  10083330, 10095743, 10083384, 10095744, 10083382, 10095745, 10083386, and 10095746

If you have any questions, please contact your local sales representative.