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FallTech®, an original equipment manufacturer of fall protection safety products, announces the expansion of its Dropped Object Prevention Program. Dropped objects in the US alone are the third leading cause of death in the workplace. The new additions provide well-designed and engineered products to reduce the ongoing risk and dangers of dropped objects.

FT for Tools™ are ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 tested and compliant tool attachments, tool tethers, premium self-fusing no-heat tool tape, and speed clip attachment tethers, a wrist anchor attachment system, and hard hat tethers.  They work with tools in construction trades, general industry, oil and gas, utilities, and other industries.  These include tools with captive eyes, open and closed handle tools, open and closed handle tools with triggers, plus impact hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, spud wrenches, power tools, and many others.

FT for Tools™ now include:

Part No.      Pack Qty

5317A10     10

5317A25     25

Part No.      Pack Qty

5314A10     10

5314A25     25

Part No.      Pack Qty

5335A5       10

5335A25     25

Part No.      Pack Qty

5340A         1

5340B         1

Part No.      Pack Qty

5215A1       1

5215A5       5

5212A1       1

5212A5       5

Part No.      Pack Qty

5043A1        1

5065A1        1

5044A1        1

5066A1        1

5061A1        1