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Tie Off Overhead Without Damaging Roof Walls with Parapet Anchors

Do you need an anchor solution that doesn't damage your roof walls? Malta Dynamics is excited to announce its new reusable parapet anchor, designed specifically for flat roofs surrounded by parapet walls.

These parapet anchors are fully adjustable and can be installed on wall thicknesses from 2.36” all the way up to 14.1 inches. Parapet walls must be at least 9” high to install this anchor that supports workers up to 310 lbs.

This anchorage device is non-penetrating and requires no tools to install. The dual tightening handles allow for even force distribution and rubber protective pads eliminate damage to the parapet wall.

“Our parapet anchors are so easy to install, you can be up and running in just a few minutes” Damian Lang, owner and CEO of Malta Dynamics, said. “They provide a great cost savings because these reusable anchor points can be transferred from one jobsite to another.”

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