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MCR Safety Elite Level ANSI A9 Cut Resistant Predator Mechanic Gloves

Finding comfortable gloves and protecting one's hands is a challenge, especially when you need heavy-duty protection. Our new PD4900 offers users triple protection: ANSI A9 cut-resistance, ANSI Puncture 5 defense, and ANSI Impact Level 1 back-of-hand protection. You no longer have to search for that special glove!

The PD4900 features a fluorescent lime patented tire tread TPR back that provides ANSI level 1 impact resistance, while the orange full MAXgrid pattern palm and fingers are tailored to provide superior grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions. This glove is lined with engineered Kevlar® material that provides ANSI A9 cut protection and ANSI Level 5 puncture protection. Looking for the best hi-visibility cut resistant gloves? Look no further than MCR Safety!

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