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Guardian Launches New C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve and Cable Climbing System

Guardian is excited to announce its new C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve and Cable Climbing System are now available and shipping in the U.S. and regions following OSHA/ANSI regulatory standards! This powerful duo is designed to allow users to climb easy and climb on!

The C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve is a patent-pending fall arresting sleeve designed to be up to 25% lighter* and provide unrivalled climbability. With its true, easy, one-handed operation, users can attach, detach, and re-attach the sleeve in seconds. It offers smooth, uninterrupted ascent, and is engineered to mitigate nuisance lock-ups on descent after long days at height. It’s designed with a double-action gate opening mechanism which ensures the sleeve will stay securely attached to the cable. The C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve’s built-in energy absorber and anti-panic locking cam, ensures safe and effective arresting performance in the event of a slip or fall.

The Cable Climbing System offers users easy installation with superior energy-absorbing properties making it an ideal personal fall arrest system (PFAS) solution for vertical applications. Its innovative and patent-pending mounting clamps reduce needed installation hardware by up to 25%** - offering easier installation and reducing the risk of dropped objects at height. The System also features a patent-pending energy absorbing component that provides superior arresting forces in the event of a fall.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Senior Product Manager for Guardian commented: “We designed the System and C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve with the end user as our primary focus. We wanted workers to not only maintain a safe climbing experience but also do so with ease. When used together, the Cable Climbing Sleeve and System makes climbing easier and quicker for a better all-around experience.”

The C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve and Cable Climbing System are qualified to ANSI Z359.16 and OSHA 1910.26 & 1926.1053 when used together and are available in the U.S. and any region following OSHA/ANSI regulatory standards. The Cable Climbing System is available in galvanized steel utilizing a 3/8”, 1x7 strand, galvanized steel solid core cable.

To learn more about the C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve and Cable Climbing System, click here.

To place an order or request a demonstration, reach out to your Guardian representative today.