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Guardian Launches New CR5 Personal Self-Retracting Lifeline in United States

Global height safety specialist Guardian is pleased to introduce the new CR5 Personal Self-Retracting Lifeline to its industry-leading product line offering. This new, feature-rich 6-foot Class 1 SRL was designed with strength and durability in mind to take on the toughest jobsite tasks.

The all-new CR5 Personal SRL boasts the following features:

  • A high-strength, impact-modified thermoplastic housing that reduces weight and enhances durability. 
  •  A premium triple-action carabiner that keeps the unit securely connected to the dorsal D-Ring.
  • A durable nylon cover that protects the shock absorber element from abrasions, dust and debris for increased longevity.   The cover also includes integrated Fall Clearance charts that allow users to confirm fall clearance calculations quickly and easily. 
  • A digitally enabled QR code on the housing links to the website product page for instant access to the instruction manual, technical data sheet, compliance documentation, and other important product information. 
  • The CR5 not only meets but exceeds the ANSI Z359.14-2021 with an arrest distance of 36 inches.  

As a designated Class 1 SRL-P device, the CR5 is suitable for applications where the anchor point is at or above the worker’s dorsal D-Ring with the SRL housing connected at the worker’s back or to an anchor point. 

Regarding the all-new CR5 SRL-P, Product Manager Scott Lapier said: “At Guardian, we strive to develop the strongest and most innovative products in the industry. The CR5 Personal Self-Retracting Lifeline is an example of Guardian’s commitment to excellence and innovation. We continue to challenge ourselves every day to build the highest quality products for our customers. Simplicity for workers at height is core to our mission and the CR5 Personal SRL is a testament to that mission.”

To learn more about this exciting addition to Guardian’s line-up, please visit To request a product demonstration or to learn even more about how the strongest SRLs in the industry keep getting stronger, please contact your local Guardian Height Safety Representative.