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Introducing the Newest Wave of Personal 'Productivity' Equipment: Arm & Wrist Scanner Mount, ID/Badge Holders and Tool/Device Holsters Now Available

Workplace productivity and security has taken a leap forward with the launch of Ergodyne's newest offering––including a arm & wrist scanner mount, expanded ID/badge holder options and versatile tool/device holsters.

"We understand the importance of having job-critical tools within arm's reach. This launch reinforces our commitment to bringing safety, comfort and efficiency to the workplace," stated Tom Votel, President/CEO, Ergodyne.

A Closer Look at the Launch:

ID/Badge Holders: The newly expanded collection presents five fresh solutions. Workers can now keep identification and access cards readily available with a range of styles and colors. 

Squids 5545 Arm & Wrist Scanner Mount: Ranging anywhere from $800 to $2,000 a pop, handheld scanner devices don’t come cheap––a cost that’s compounded every time they’re dropped or left behind by workers. Ergodyne's new scanner mount guarantees the secure storage of barcode scanners, mobile computers and cell phones. The design allows wearability on any part of the arm and boasts a 360° swivel feature. Whether in portrait or landscape mode, users will have unobstructed access to buttons and controls.

Arsenal 5568/69 Tool Pouch with Device Holsters: Designed for workers on the move, this pouch can be looped or clipped onto belts, providing a convenient and safe storage solution for mobile devices, hand tools and other small essentials. Especially useful for those using "candy bar" style scanners, this holster ensures that tools and personal items are always within easy reach.

"With these new products, work crews can seamlessly integrate their tools, devices and other necessities into their daily routine, boosting productivity and confidence," said Nate Bohmbach, Product Director, Ergodyne.

Visit Ergodyne's official launch page for more details.