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Protecting High Traffic Areas From Getting Scuffed Up

Image courtesy of Behr Pro

Protecting high-traffic areas from getting “scuffed up” is a challenge all Property Owners/Managers, Contractors, and Professional Painters have had to address. Why?

Because conventional flat paints are non-reflective, great at hiding surface imperfections, and easy to touch up – however they are prone to burnishing and scuffing. On the other hand, higher sheen gloss paints stand up well to burnishing and scuffing – but tend to highlight surface imperfections and are more difficult to touch up. The best of both is needed.

As a partner to professionals, BEHR PRO® set out to find a solution – and a new tool of the trade is here to help - BEHR ULTRA™ Scuff Defense™ paint.

BEHR ULTRA™ Scuff Defense™ has the non-reflective appearance of a flat paint with the scuff and burnish resistance of a higher sheen paint. It’s the flat paint that is “too tough to scuff.”

BEHR ULTRA™ Scuff Defense™ Interior Flat Paint sets a new standard for flat paint durability – featuring breakthrough innovation to deliver a rich flat finish that is truly durable enough for high-traffic areas -

  • Advanced scuff and mar resistance provide a durable finish for high-traffic areas.
  • Exceptional burnish resistance holds up to frequent cleaning without showing noticeable increase in gloss or sheen.
  • Excellent stain-blocking properties prevent most stains from coming through the painted surface.
  • On most surfaces, it removes the step of using a separate primer.
    *A primer coat may be needed on some surfaces. See Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for details.
  • Antimicrobial mildew-resistant paint finish provides effective protection from mold and mildew developing in the dried paint film.
  • Low VOC (< 50 g/L excluding colorants) meets the most stringent VOC regulations nationwide.

BEHR ULTRA™ Scuff Defense™ is available exclusively at The Home Depot® .
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Best serving the needs of Professional Contractors, Painters, and Property Owners/Managers is at the core of the BEHR PRO® mission, and this is the foundation of the BEHR PRO® Professional Products & Services Program.

BEHR PRO® is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and personalized services to meet the needs of their customers nationwide. Painting Professionals have access to a dedicated and knowledgeable BEHR PRO® rep who will help with all painting product and service needs, including:

  • Call, Text, or Email Order Placement directly to your dedicated BEHR PRO® rep.
  • Arrange Will Call and Schedule Delivery* – your order will be ready for pick-up at your preferred The Home Depot® location. For added convenience, you can have your order delivered directly to your home, office, or job site. (*Where available, some restrictions apply.)
  • Custom Color Matching – Bring a color from any source (paint scraped from a building or house, a piece of fabric, or a competitor’s paint chip) – BEHR PRO® can match it.
  • Project and Order Record Management – a lifetime of color history by job.
  • Job Walks – your dedicated BEHR PRO® rep will meet you at your job site to tour the project, observe substrate conditions, photographically document your site, and offer valuable surface preparation, product, and application recommendations.
  • Project Submittal Packages – The Behr Submittal process will ensure that you’re getting the right painting system for the job. Your BEHR PRO® rep will provide you with all documentation to ensure a smooth submittal process that will get your project approved and moving forward.
  • Specification Services – get advice on creating a detailed and comprehensive paint system specification to fit your particular project scope.
  • To contact a BEHR PRO® representative, visit