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World of Concrete 2018 Demos

Scenes from the 2018 World of Concrete (#WOC2018) show via CoatingsPro Magazine. Videos include the 2018 Trowel Challenge Competition (9:48) from Wacker Neuson Americas; a safety training session (18:38) by Superior Glove; a demonstration from LATICRETE International on protecting against thermal shock by installing a urethane cement floor coating system (30:05); and many other live exhibits from the week-long show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New Epoxy Floor at Vet

A veterinarian had a bad experience with an epoxy floor. It was up to the crew from Imperial Flooring Systems to fix the floor and help improve the vet’s opinion.

Texas Motor Speedway Logo Application

A crew of Intertech Flooring contractors applies the official Texas Motor Speedway logo to the floor of racecar garages. The application was part of a new all-polyaspartic concrete coating system installed at the site. Read the full feature story in the July 2017 issue of CoatingsPro Magazine. Videos courtesy of LATICRETE International.

Hand-Held Scabblers

Low-vibration, hand-held scabblers from CS Unitec roughen, reduce and level concrete, preparing surfaces for coatings and finishes. These pneumatic scabbling hammers are ideal for construction and heavy-duty applications, including coating removal. 


Check out this video by RBW featuring FasterPainter, a portable high performance coating system. 

On Tap at Brewery: New Floors in 3 Days

At Modern Times Brewery in San Diego, the Life Deck Coating Systems had to hop to it to finish the floors with the right solution. Check out the full only-only feature story here.

Up on the Roof: Four-Building Elastomeric Job

Coating four roofs in Florida meant waiting for the right conditions. After you watch the video, read the online-only article here.  Video courtesy of Trusted Construction.

"A" Side Gone Bad

If coating equipment isn’t maintained, problems can ensue. Check out this video of what that might look like. Video courtesy of SprayWorks Equipment Group. For more information, contact: SprayWorks Equipment, www.sprayworksequipment.com 

Stormwater Storage Project

This coatings contractor worked in two phases to coat a newly poured concrete structure. After you watch the video, read the online-only article here. Video courtesy of Midwest Industrial Coatings

New Coating for Japanese Bar

Watch how this coatings contractor captured the recoating of a bar floor in the spring of 2015. And when you’re done, find out more in the online-only article here

Acronal® 4333 X Quick-Trigger™

BASF has created an accelerated curing additive for acronal resins, Acronal® 4333 X Quick-Trigger™ reduces costs and increases revenue stream. Watch the video to find out how.


ZYCKE is a patent pending additive that is used in a new seamless decorative flooring system. ZYCKE looks like granite and is applied in one-step on top of a primed surface. For more inforamation visit www.ZYCKE.com, or call (877) 502-4477

Jobsite Documentation? There’s An App For That

TrueQC’s Cloud-based jobsite provides an efficient, paperless documentation process to make your team more effective and profitable. For more information about the iPad app visit TruQCapp.com

Polyurea Coating Removal

NitroJet’s ultra-high pressure (UHP) stream of liquid nitrogen easily removes 60 mils of polyurea. The environmentally conscious process produces less waste than traditional removal methods. For more information visit, www.nitrocision.com or call John at (208) 629-4281.

ROI SPOD Horizontal Pipe Crawler

ROI’s spray unit applies 100 mils of polyurea to the interior of a 36”/900mm pipe in one pass. The exothermic reaction creates a quick cure—allowing the unit to drive over the freshly sprayed coating. For more information visit ROI LLC, (608) 845-0360, www.roi360.com.