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Concrete Slab Coating Solutions Using Epoxies

Concrete slabs are a foundational material in buildings. According to Global Market Insights, the decorative concrete market was valued at $14.9 million as of 2018 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6 percent between 2019 and 2026.

A common topping for these substrates is coatings. While there are several types of coatings that can be applied to concrete, epoxy may be seen as a preferred choice. Epoxy coatings are highly popular among contractors who deal in the construction of industrial flooring in factories, garages, hospitals, workshops, etc., as the floors are exposed to heavy foot traffic, equipment, and friction. In the commercial realm, epoxy coatings often top concrete slabs in casinos, gyms, and fashion.

In both sectors, coatings are applied over the concrete floors to create a high-performance surface. Since many buildings rely on epoxy coatings, it is essential to discuss some inexpensive ideas that can turn concrete floors into appealing, high-gloss surfaces.

Benefits of Giving Epoxy

Epoxy coatings have several benefits to them:
  • Budget Friendly: Epoxy coatings can be relatively inexpensive, but there is a spectrum of offerings in the industry. 
  • Glossy Options: The application of epoxy coatings can make high mirror-like finishes achievable.
  • Customizable: There are unlimited options for creating a variety of styles in many ways.
  • High Durability: The underlying concrete is protected by the epoxy coating, which can help protect it against stains, additional cracks, and moisture intrusion.
  • Low Maintenance: Cleaning and repairing are essential for the longevity of concrete flooring, particularly in industrial manufacturing facilities. The application of an epoxy coating makes floors easy to maintain.
  • Safety: Epoxy floors offer better safety to existing concrete when anti-slip additives are added. These may be ideal for hospitals, restrooms, and cafeterias because the surface can also be made resistant to germs and bacteria.

6 Ideas for Using Epoxy Coatings

Here are six concrete slab epoxy flooring ideas that may offer a bundle of benefits, along with potentially amazing decorative elements:

  1. Epoxy Installation Over Outdoor Concrete. Concrete slab ideas aren’t restricted to indoors only. Using epoxy coatings for the floors outside your workplace facility can improve the outlook of the property. Be sure that the one you choose is ultraviolet (UV) stable.
  2. Give A Marble Effect to the Finish. Epoxy coatings give a professional finish. Epoxy coatings offer options to your clients, including the looks of silver, copper, and bronze. These shimmery coatings include metallic powders and reflective dyes that can give an upscale modern look to the retail displays, offices, and restaurant settings. And the colors can be tailor made to meet your client’s aesthetic.
  3. Epoxy Coatings for Basement Floors. Epoxy coatings on basement floors offer resistance against moisture. By choosing an epoxy system, commercial contractors can help clients avoid the growth of mold and fungus. With coated concrete, you don’t need to pull up or swap carpets or repair deteriorated wood corners. 
  4. Garage Floor Epoxy Systems. There are some special epoxy floor coating styles designed to meet the needs of garage floors. The floor coating system is designed in such a way to give floors a friction-resistant surface. High-quality flooring solutions increase the durability and life of the floors, and some flooring options also offer resistance to oils and tire marks.
  5. Epoxy Treatment for Cracked Concrete Floor. Epoxy coatings can also be applied over old and damaged floors. The strong coating solution can be used to help fill in the cracked surfaces and to level an uneven floor. The availability of a wide variety of styles and colors allows contractors to match other areas of the floor, which was only possible with traditional paints in the past.
  6. Redesign Flooring With Epoxy Coatings. With the use of epoxy coatings, it might be possible to offer options to clients to redesign their flooring on a periodic basis. Moreover, if updating the floor is an option, a fresh new look of flooring may boost the moods of employees, workers, and visitors.

The Bottom Line

Concrete floors coated with epoxy may be an optimal option for contractors who wish to provide a tough and attractive look for their clients’ buildings. With numerous options of what the end product may look like, epoxies just may be the right solution to your client’s needs.

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