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Beat the Heat: Cool Roof for California Apartments

Cool roofing has become part of the solution to a growing issue with urban heat and climate change. This coatings crew from California helped restore an apartment building roof by applying cool roof coatings to beat the heat.

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Sky’s the Limit for Florida Condo Roofs

Despite various challenges, the eight-man crew from Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation successfully coated two roofs at a condo facility in Florida with silicone products and could soon be back for more.

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Moos and Blues: Dairy Farm Barn Roof Goes Baby Blue

A 1940s barn roof on a Wisconsin dairy farm was showing signs of age and even had bullet holes in its metal panels. Gardner Roof Coatings coated the panels with an elastomeric coating that included a colorful topcoat — much to the delight of the farmer’s wife.

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Flexible Crew Restores Roof at Chicago Business Complex

The crew at West Roofing Systems developed a multi-pronged coating and spray foam solution for the roof of a business complex in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, consisting of distinct primer treatments installed at unique rates on two different single-ply membranes.

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Silicone Saves Leaky Assisted Living Roof

Applied Coating Solutions offered a silicone solution to the Commonwealth Assisted Living at Abingdon that met the roof’s weight restrictions. The coating system saved the client — both financially and physically — and won the crew third place in the 2018 Contractor Awards program.

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Condo Roof Gets Regal Treatment

After 18 years of enduring the harsh elements of Illinois weather — including strong wind, heavy rain, and hot sun — the Regal Lofts building needed maintenance. The building’s roof was also nearing the end of its useful life. It was time for either a roof tear-off or a coating job fit for a king.