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Science Behind It: Pie-Shaped Superdome Recoat

Recoating the Superdome’s 450,000 square feet (41,806.4 m²) with 14 crew members required meticulous planning upfront. We had a set amount of time, money, and materials, so our strategy behind the coating really needed to help us stay within the goal posts.

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South Florida Style: Recoating a Town Hall Roof

South Florida is known for its abundant sunshine as well as its intense afternoon rainstorms during the summer months. Put these two weather conditions together with close proximity to the equator, and rooftops can definitely take a beating from Mother Nature.

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Phoenix Roofing Contractor on Center Stage

The old roof had a lightweight concrete deck covered by a base ply, intermediate ply, and granule surface cap sheet. It had a lot of wrinkles and splits in the side laps from years of wear and tear, and it sported several spots where small repairs had been made.

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Fresh Ingredients for Farmers Market Roof: SPF and Silicone System

When the Atlanta Farmers Market’s 22-year-old roof started leaking over vendors, goods, and customers, the owners knew that a solution was essential. After all, it wouldn’t be right if the market’s roof was leaking on those famous Georgia peaches

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Hospital Support: Newly Installed Green Roof

When the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass., began the new construction on a massive, four-phased project, a green roof was to be an invaluable addition to several new structures

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D.C. Courthouse Gets Ruling on Roof

Washington, D.C., is known across the country for many things, austere buildings being one of them. But not all of the buildings are created equal. And when the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse, home to D.C's Superior Court, needed a few upgrades, the crew from Tecta America came in to help.