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What Should Contractors Look for in a Certified Applicator Network?

As the trend of coating contractors joining certified networks grows, many manufacturing companies are boasting about their certification process and network of applicators. Not all networks are the same, though, and contractors should carefully consider a few factors before agreeing to partner with manufacturers.

What makes a mutually beneficial program in which manufacturers and contractors both benefit? Here is a list of the top five considerations contractors should contemplate before joining any certification network.

1. Support

What kind of pre-bid/pre-job consultation will your company receive to ensure success? The bid process is a large factor in driving business for contractors. Manufacturers that are experienced in this process can be a huge asset. Look for companies that will assist and enhance your current business model by providing bid submittal guidance and preparation.

2. Ongoing Training

You want to look for a company that will continue to provide necessary support. It is customary for manufacturers to provide initial training during the certification process; however, it is equally important that the training continues as needed. On-site technical support is often needed in particular. You want a manufacturer that is willing to continue providing support even after the initial training and hopefully even on site when needed.

3. Warranties

While not all manufacturers offer warranties, you should ask whether the manufacturer you’re considering offers them. It is an important question to ask. Warranties are extremely valuable; having one will place your company among a select few that are eligible to bid when a warranty is required. This can give your company a competitive advantage.

4. Exclusivity

Many certification programs require you to use their products and only their products. You want to weigh the pros and cons before choosing to go with a company that requires exclusivity, or consider looking for one that doesn’t require it.

5. Partnership

This is by far the most important consideration. Your company should benefit from having a manufacturer-backed support system with co-marketing and technical support that will allow contractors to successfully install, inspect, repair, and deliver success backed with quality products.

Value Add

Partnering with a manufacturer requires commitment. By doing so, you are making a decision to work with a company that will value your business and provide guidance and assistance as needed.

About the Author:

Silvia Caputi is the marketing coordinator for Epoxytec. With extensive knowledge in the protective coating industry, Silvia works collaboratively with contractors, engineers, and municipalities to produce valuable coating content and product education. For more information, contact: Epoxytec, (877) 463-7699,,

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