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Safety Compliance in Abrasive Blasting Operations

Despite its utility, blasting presents significant hazards to coatings professionals, and not just from the force of the materials themselves. When left unmitigated, these hazards pose the risk of serious injuries to employees and can result in substantial legal and financial consequences for coatings industry employers.

Alpine’s Sam Scaturro on Safety and Sustainability

Sam Scaturro, president of Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors, shares his insights on industry trends and keys to success. For Alpine, this includes an emphasis on safer and sustainable practices, as well as developing its workforce and communicating with clients.

Changes Coming to U.S. Hazard Communications, California Lead Rules

Significant changes are expected for federal hazard communications and for lead standards in California, and industrial painters should be especially vigilant because the impacts could be dramatic, according to a recent presentation from a leading U.S. regulatory expert.

How Do I Know If I’m Entering a Confined Space?

The first concern for any employer is to determine whether the space or area meets the definition of a confined space, as specified by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction at the worksite. If the area does comply with the definition of the regulatory standard, then the employer is required to follow the specified written actions.

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