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How Do I Know If I’m Entering a Confined Space?

The first concern for any employer is to determine whether the space or area meets the definition of a confined space, as specified by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction at the worksite. If the area does comply with the definition of the regulatory standard, then the employer is required to follow the specified written actions.

From Origins to Current Uses: The Evolution of Rope Access

Rope access technology has undergone a remarkable evolution since its inception, transforming from an experimental technique to a widely adopted and versatile method for accessing hard-to-reach areas. This has revolutionized the way industries approach maintenance and inspection tasks, including with high-performance coatings.

What OSHA’s New PPE Rule Could Mean for Contractors

Joe Brandel, business development manager at Mips, discusses OSHA’s proposed rule change and the importance of safe PPE usage. In the conversation, Brandel shares insight on why many traditional hard hats are failing in common workplace accidents, and he outlines precautions and new technologies that can protect workers.

Burning Questions: Cannabis in the Workplace

Now that state legalization efforts are sweeping the country, many employers find themselves stuck in the weeds as they work to navigate cannabis in the workplace. Employers may have more flexibility than they think, depending on their unique business circumstances.

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