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Waterproofing the New Glassell School of Art Campus

A new art school in Houston, Texas, required several different types of waterproofing. A local crew worked carefully — even artfully — with other trades to help seal the school’s walkable green roof, parking garage, plaza, and much more

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Proper Parking Structure Maintenance: Catching Problems Early

Vehicles regularly entering parking garages leave water, oil, and other muck behind, not to mention salt and de-icers tracked in during the winter months that can corrode the structure’s concrete and steel support system.

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Confident Approach to Waterproofing Chi-Town Garage

Creating dedicated open park space in densely populated urban areas is a consistent challenge for city planners. One innovative approach is to install green-roof systems on existing structures within the city limits. For example, in Chicago, Ill., an entire network of interconnected parks is built on top of underground parking garages. They comprise the largest parking facility in the United States!