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Your Safety at IRE 2021

Informa AllSecure will employ the highest standards of safety, hygiene, cleanliness and quality for operating events. These measures are in addition to government local authorities and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

The IRE will adapt, at a minimum, the following standards from Informa AllSecure and will add additional procedures if necessary:

Enhanced cleaning: Public, high-traffic areas of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center will undertake enhanced, deep cleaning before, during and after the IRE. We’re working with the venue to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This includes continuous sanitization throughout the course of an event, with a focus on high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms and food and beverage areas.

Non-contact registration: We’ll have a system that facilitates non-contact registration and badge pick-up for participants.

Limited physical contact: We are requesting that participants avoid physical contact, such as handshakes and embraces, promoting alternative ways to greet business partners. The exchange of printed materials, such as business cards and sales brochures, is discouraged, with digital alternatives recommended. In fact, exhibitors can use their Upgraded Media Package to upload videos, PDFs and more to their exhibitor listing on the IRE website.

First aid: All event participants will have access to a qualified EMT and a separate quarantine area. Participants will be asked not to attend if they are feeling unwell, and the show team will follow local health authority guidance on detecting and managing anyone who displays symptoms of COVID-19.

Adapted conference rooms & sessions: We’re revising seating arrangements and set-up in conference and meeting rooms, to enable greater space between seats. We’re also working on solutions to avoid the sharing of equipment, like computers and microphones.

“We would not hold an event that we felt would risk the health or safety of our attendees,” explained Ray Giovine, Group Director at Informa. “We are expecting a strong turnout at the event. We are hearing from our exhibitors that they are looking forward to the show and connecting with industry.”

In the instance the event is canceled as a result of COVID-19, attendees can be assured the following flexibilities:
All conference and expo registrants will be fully refunded. Registration is scheduled to open late September.
If hotel accommodations are booked through the show’s official vendor, OnPeak, participants will receive a full refund.
Stay up to date on latest information about the measures we are taking on the IRE COVID-19 resource page.