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Construction Leader, Ozbee, Launches First One-Stop Software Solution

The BELDON family of construction services, a longtime leader in commercial roofing and home improvement, has launched Ozbee™ team software, a cloud-based contracting business solution that utilizes the industry-standard Salesforce® platform to seamlessly integrate all aspects of project and customer relationship management (CRM) from lead to completion.

Born of a builder’s frustration, the BELDON team developed their newest endeavor, Ozbee, to provide a better user experience for both contractors and their customers, which will raise professional standards within contracting industries.

“We had been working on five separate platforms, with a lot of duplication of effort, and we couldn’t find a one-stop solution that connects all aspects of a contracting business,” says Ozbee CEO Brad Beldon. “So we spent three years creating our own.”

Now, any size contractor, from a $1 million to a $1 billion business, can tap into their Salesforce account and use Ozbee Team Software to gain instant access to lead generation, sales, scheduling, customer communications, production, billing, and accounting tools from any device in the office or on the job.

“It’s so easy for things to fall through the cracks when there are so many moving parts,” says Beldon. “Production is much more effective when everything is documented in one place and we can communicate with each other, and the customer, in a timely manner. The whole Ozbee system is built on accountability and trackability. We can see where a project stands at any given time, and automatically communicate to the customer.”

The cloud-based platform is customizable for home builders, commercial builders, plumbers, mechanical and electrical installers ─ anyone who works on contracting jobs. Businesses can use the standard dashboards and theme or they can upload their own logos, colors, and templates and create customized reports and dashboards. Certified trainers are available to help with any aspect of set-up and operation.

The Ozbee app integrates existing platforms, including Leap Digital for proposals, Salesforce CRM tools, CompanyCam for photo storage, and other apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, so contractors don’t have to cobble together and manage multiple apps that don’t communicate with each other.

For one monthly fee, Ozbee provides access to everything contractors need from a single dashboard available 24/7. Salesforce’s stringent security protocols protect all data and proprietary information.