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Stratom: The Next Generation in Concrete Densifiers

Florida based Srion Surface Technologies LLC has launched Stratom, the newest technology in concrete surface densification. Stratom is a completely new method for densifying concrete. This silica-free solution works on a molecular level. Its ions are orders of magnitude smaller than the silicate particles in existing densifiers. This means deeper penetration, faster reaction, and improved performance. This creates harder concrete that is dustproof, easy to clean and ready to polish. Stratom makes the old silicate-based densifiers obsolete.

Stratom technology outperforms the old silica-based densifiers on every metric. It can be applied as soon as final set. No waiting for the concrete to cure before application. Application labor is reduced because all you do is spray and walk away; no brooming or agitation into the surface required. It can be applied in temps as low as 250F and up to 1000F. It is eco-friendly. Stratom treated concrete is twice as hard as untreated concrete.

The major benefit for this new technology lies in its ease of use. Not only does it reduce application labor costs, but it also eliminates the need to remove excess material from over-application. This opens new avenues for use. This keeps projects on schedule and on budget.

“It’s the single biggest advancement I’ve seen in more than 40 years in this industry, “says Dal Hills Founder of Convergent Concrete.

Technology by its very nature is deflationary. The savings in time, labor and frustration make Stratom the obvious choice for concrete protection. “Regardless of how you look at it, there is not a single reason to use silicate-based densifiers instead of Stratom,” says Jason Dougherty co-founder of Srion Surface Technologies. Stratom marks a new era in concrete densification.