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Concrete Protectants Leader W. R. MEADOWS Premieres Two New Water-Based Sealers

W. R. MEADOWS has added two new water-based sealers with active silane content to their PENTREAT™ penetrating concrete sealers product portfolio. The new products are PENTREAT 244-40 W/B with 40% silane content and PENTREAT 244-20 W/B with 20% silane content, which are water repellent sealers prized for reducing chloride-induced rebar corrosion, scaling, spalling, and freeze-thaw damage

“Our new PENTREAT products offer a sealer solution that will give concrete projects maximum protection,” said Glenn Tench, W. R. MEADOWS Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

PENTREAT 244-40 W/B and PENTREAT 244-20 W/B share the following features and benefits:

  • High-performance, permeable, penetrating, superior water repellent sealer 
  • Protects concrete and masonry surfaces by minimizing water and water-soluble salt penetration 
  • Reduces concrete surface spalling 
  • Extends the life of concrete and masonry structures 
  • Penetrates the surface for maximum protection

The two new PENTREAT 244 W/B products premiered at the recent World of Concrete show in Las Vegas in January 2022. For more information or samples, please visit or call 1-800-342-5976.