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Graco Launches ES 500 Stencil Battery-Powered Airless Stencil Rig

Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is proud to continue its legacy of innovation with the launch of the new ES 500 Stencil™ rig, the industry’s first electric, battery-powered airless sprayer designed specifically for stencil work. This dedicated stencil rig joins an already extensive offering of battery-powered pavement marking products by Graco, which includes the LineLazer® ES 500, LineLazer ES 1000 and LineLazer V ES 2000 line stripers, as well as the LineDriver® ES ride-on attachment.

The ES 500 Stencil rig is made specifically for stencil applications and the full range of pavement marking materials. The ES 500 Stencil rig ships with everything needed to complete any stencil job, including a FlexPlus™ striping gun with gun extension and RAC® 5 stencil tip, along with 50 feet of BlueMax™ II striping hose. All zinc components are replaced with either stainless steel or e-nickel plated steel parts – as fast-drying, waterborne traffic paints react with zinc. Most importantly, the ES 500 Stencil rig is a full-performance, compact and quiet alternative power source, greatly improving jobsite conditions.

ES 500 Battery-Powered Airless Stencil Rig (Photo: Business Wire)“The ES 500 Stencil rig is a great addition to any striping contractor’s fleet as it provides a low cost, low noise solution for stencil jobs,” said Mike Vangstad, Global Product Marketing Manager for Pavement Maintenance Products. “With this dedicated stencil rig, contractors can increase their productivity by not only dedicating a person to stenciling work while the striping is being completed, but also dedicating a rig to those odd colors, like blue handicap stalls or red fire lanes.”

The ES 500 Stencil rig features two 6.0 Ah DeWalt® FlexVolt® batteries and a DeWalt Fast Charger for continuous operation while eliminating the cost and hassles of gas as well as fumes, noise and vibration. The ES 500 Stencil rig also features the proven performance of the Endurance™ Chromex™ Piston Pump, brushless DC motor, Advantage™ Drive System and ProConnect™ technologies for increased productivity and years of uninterrupted performance. It’s designed specifically for the full range of traffic paints – allowing for trouble-free performance.

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