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ACI Foundation Announces New Council Chairs

New chairs have been announced for the ACI Foundation’s Concrete Innovation Council, Concrete Research Council, and Scholarship Council.

Brian H. Green, FACI, is the new chair of the Concrete Innovation Council. Green is a Senior Research Geologist in the Research Group, Engineering Systems and Materials Division, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, U. S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Green is a member of Sigma Xi International and is a Registered Professional Geologist with the State of Mississippi. His research interests include the development of structural grouts, high‐strength concretes, fiber‐ reinforced concretes, controlled low‐strength materials, roller‐compacted concretes, and ultra‐high-performance concretes. He sits on 10 ACI technical committees and task groups.

Sulapha Peethamparan, PhD, is the new chair of the Concrete Research Council. Peethamparan is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York. Her research is primarily focused on understanding the hydration chemistry, microstructural and property development, and their influence on the early age and long-term performance of sustainable infrastructural cementitious materials. She is a recipient of the Faculty Early CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation in 2011. Currently, she is serving as an Associate Editor of ASCE Journal of Materials, is a Chair of ACI committee 123-Research, and is a voting member of ACI committees 236- Material Science, 240- Pozzolan, 201- Durability and 130- Sustainability and 242-Alternative Cements.

Anton K. Schindler, PhD, PE, FACI, FASCE, is the new chair of the Scholarship Council. Schindler is Director of the Highway Research Center and the Mountain Spirit Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Auburn University, Alabama. Schindler’s research interests include early-age behavior of concrete structures; high-performance concrete; concrete durability; concrete production, testing, and properties; and computer-based modeling of concrete behavior. He was the recipient of the 2017 Cedric Willson Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Award, and the 2011 and 2006 Wason Medal for Concrete Materials Research. He sits on the ACI Board of Direction, is the former chair of ACI 237 Self-Consolidating Concrete and ACI 231 Properties of Concrete at Early-Ages, is a member of the ACI Technical Activities Committee (TAC), and he has served on the Scholarship Council for many years.

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