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ASTM International Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Argentina’s Standards Body

ASTM International and Argentina’s national standards body, El Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (IRAM), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Business Annex on April 28. IRAM, a non-profit private civil association with more than 85 years of experience, coordinates the development of standards in Argentina.

The documents were signed by Stuart Radcliffe, vice president, sales and marketing, ASTM International, and Teresa Cendrowska, vice president, global cooperation, ASTM; and by Nicolás Eliçabe, director general for IRAM.

On behalf of ASTM International, I am honored and pleased to participate in this virtual ceremony for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Business Annex between ASTM and IRAM,” said Cendrowska. “The chance to foster technology transfer, promote safety, and support economic growth is a great opportunity for all of us. It is yet another step in ASTM International’s work in Latin America, which began in earnest when ASTM signed its very first MoU with ICONTEC in Colombia in 2001.”

Eliçabe noted, “We feel very proud that with this MoU we will expand our cooperation, learn deeper about each other, and encourage Argentine experts to engage with ASTM standardization activities.”

The MoU will focus on:

  • Enhancing communications to build government and industry awareness of ASTM International as a trusted technical source of information that supports public health and safety, consumer confidence, trade, and the overall quality of life;
  • Inviting Argentinian stakeholder participation in ASTM technical committees to share knowledge and exchange best practices to ensure that ASTM standards meet and support Argentina’s local and global needs for public and private entities and consumers;
  • Encouraging collaboration on topics and issues of mutual interest; and
  • Promoting standards education and related ASTM activities for students and professors.