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Purdy Cub Brush Line Expands: Two New Lightweight, Short-Handled Brushes

The Purdy® brand has added two more brushes to its Cub™ Brush line, completing the collection of brushes that deliver precise control. With short, smooth alderwood handles that wick away moisture and have a comfortable ergonomic fit, the new Cub Brushes—available in 2-inch Pro-Extra® and Chinex® Elite™—are lightweight and ideal for painting in tight spaces. Designed to deliver the utmost precision and control, the short handles are easier to use than traditional size brushes when cutting corners or painting rough surfaces.

“Handcrafted by skilled Purdy brushmakers using high-quality materials, our lineup of Cub Brushes is aimed at helping both professional painters and experienced DIYers work efficiently in cramped spaces,” said Shelly Dalton, product manager, Purdy. “These brushes are lightweight and feature short, easy-to-grip handles that help ensure you can reach tight areas. The brushes’ filaments also provide the same quality coverage, sharp lines and smooth finish you expect from any Purdy brush.”

With ergonomically designed products becoming more desirable among professionals and DIYers, paint brushes with shorter handles have continued to rise in popularity. Both brushes are carefully tipped and flagged to hold more paint and provide an even release on a variety of rough indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Purdy Cub Brushes deliver optimal results with specific applications and types of paints or stains in mind. The 2-inch Pro-Extra Cub Brush is handcrafted with the finest blend of longer filaments for extra holding capacity and lasting durability. This brush is great for using on projects with textured surfaces, such as drywall, brick and concrete.

The 2-inch Chinex Elite brush is formulated with 100% Chinex® nylon solid, round and tapered filaments designed for heavy-bodied and low-VOC paints. The bristles absorb little moisture, offering superb cleanability. Chinex Elite has excellent paint release great for textured surfaces like stucco, lumber and brick work.

The new additions join Nylox™, Clearcut® and Clearcut Elite™ Cub Brushes to complete the line and are available at select traditional and online retailers. Visit to find a retailer. Learn more at and be sure to check out Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more helpful content and how-to videos.