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PermitUsNow Wins "Top 25 Subcontractors of the Year" Award

PermitUsNow was selected as one of the Top 25 Subcontractors of the Year in 2022 during the SubContractors USA Awards Luncheon held on June 22, 2022. This year's event theme focused on growth and expansion to encourage small, minority, women, disadvantaged and veteran owned businesses to be creative, collaborate and be phenomenal in performing their work to thrive today and in the years to come.

PermitUsNow pulls building permits on commercial and residential projects in the Houston area and across the state of Texas and is recognized by such clients as H-E-B Grocery and MOD Pizza for pulling permits in timely manner which helps them serve their customers plus become profitable sooner. 

"We're thrilled to have been recognized with this prestigious industry award. It sends a strong message to the marketplace on our value rendered to clients and reflects our consistency in delivering savings time after time." Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow

From new ground up grocery stores to new mixed-use developments to warehouses to airport concessions, PermitUsNow is branded as a go-to building permitting firm that understands building codes, permitting processes, plus have established relationships with Plan Reviewers throughout Texas.

"This Top 25 Subcontractors Award means a lot to us. It shows that we that we not only care about giving the best service, but it also shows that we go the extra mile to make sure our clients start construction on time." Moruf Jimoh, AAIA, PermitUsNow Technical Manager

This year's event also included a networking expo with multiple government agencies exhibiting along with small and diverse businesses. Also, the event included six conversation sessions where Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow led a session highlighting these two key points: 1) there are huge opportunities in the Texas market to grow your small business, and 2) as business leaders, you create your own economy and success.